Snow - Informer

Snow - Informer

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Текст песни Snow - Informer

What's up man! Hey yo what's up! Yeah what's goin' on here. Sick an' tired of five-oh runnin' up on the block here. You know what I'm sayin'? Yo Snow, they came around here lookin' for you the other day. Word? Word! Bust it!
CHORUS Informer, ya' no say dadda me Snow me I"ll go blame, A licky Boom Boom Down. Detective mon a says a did a me Snow me stab somewhere down the lane, A licky Boom Boom Down. Informer, ya' no say dadda me Snow me I"ll go blame, A licky Boom Boom Down. Detective mon a says a did a me Snow me stab somewhere down the lane, A licky Boom Boom Down.
Police a comin for me now dey blow down me door, Breakin' de bar troo, troo my window, So dey put me in de back de car at de station, From that point on me reach my destination, Where the destination reachin, outta east detention, where the Looked down me pants, look up me bottom, so
Bigger dem are they think dem have more power, Dep on de phone me say dat one hour, Me for want to use a once an' now me call me lover, Lover who me callin an' a one Tammy, An' me love er' in my heart down to my belly, Yes a Daddy me Snow me I feel cool an' deadly, As the one MC Shan an' a one Dadda Snow, Together we-a love'em is a Tor-Na-Do, so
Listen for me, you better listen for me now. Listen for me, you better listen for me now. When me rockin' the microphone me rock on steady, Yes a Daddy me Snow me are de article dan. But in a in an' a out de dance em Aye say where you come from a, People em say ya come from Jamaica, But me born an' raised in the ghetto that I want yas to know, Pure black people mon is all I mon know. Yeah me shoes a an tear up an' now me toes is a show a Where me a born in are de one Toronto, so
Come with a nice young lady. Intelligent, Yes she gentle-ly are-ee. Everywhere me go, me never lef her at all-ee. It's a Daddy Snow me are de rum dance man a Rom-ancin' a dancin' in a in a nation-a. You never know say Daddy me Snow me are de Boom Shakata. Me never lay-a down flat in dat one cardboard box a This a Daddy me Snow me I'll go reachin' at de top, so...
Why worry? Why worry? Em worry Em worry.
Me sittin' 'round cool with my dibbie dibbie girl, Police knock my door, Lick up my pal, Rough me up an' I can't do a thing Pick up my line, when my telephone ring. Take me to the station, Black up my hands. Trail me down, 'cuz I'm hangin' with the Snowman, What I'm gonna do, I'm backed an' I'm trapped, Slap me in the face an' took all o' my gap. They have no clues an' they wanna get warmer, But Shan won't turn Informer!
Deedley dum Deedley Deedley Dum Dem Worry Em worry Em worry Em worry.


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